"Hard Work along with these qualities will make you succeed," says Poorna

Shamna Kasim aka Poorna is one of the talented actresses in the industry. She has made a mark for herself with the movies Seema Tapakai, Avunu, etc., She has recently acted in the movie Power Play that has Raj Tarun in the lead role.

Here’s a special interview with Poorna where she opened up about her both personal and professional life. Have a look at this interesting conversation with us.

* Hello Poorna Garu! How are you!!
Hii Andi! I am fine.

* Tell us about your family background
My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. We are five children and I am the youngest.

* You are a beautiful actress!! How many proposals have you got in your college days?
Sadly, zero. Up to my +2, I was to girls college and after that, I was into movies. I completed my graduation through correspondence. So there is no co-education. I had a crush in my school days though, where boys school is opposite to our school.

* You seem to be a silent girl. Were you like this from childhood?
Actually, I am not a silent girl since my childhood. I am not silent now as well. I used to be mischievous. However, My mom is my speed-breaker. She will know if I tell any lie. She will be the first person whom I will approach whenever I got a situation.

* Who is your biggest crush?
Actually, I used to watch a lot of Salman Khan movies. So he is my biggest crush. He used to act with Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit whom I looked up to at my younger age.

* Tell us about our current projects
I have completed Raj Tarun’s Power Play which is now released. I am playing a crucial role in Nandamuri Balakrishna – Boyapati Srinu’s flick. I am also playing a cameo role in Venkatesh’s Drishyam 2. I am doing Pisassu 2 in Tamil. Apart from these, I am doing a web-series for Aha.

* Tell us about the working experience with Balakrishna
Oh, he is very sweet. Before the first day of my shoot, I was very nervous to work with Balakrishna Garu, but he is such a humble and down-to-earth person. I am playing a crucial character. My next schedule will begin from this month-end. I cannot divulge more details now.

* According to you, which is your best movie
Every movie I acted in is very special. Those are very close to my heart. However, If I have to select only one, I will pick up Savarakatti from Tamil where I worked with Mysskin Sir.

* How inclined are you towards dance
I am very fond of dance. I love to dance. Actually, I wanted to become a dance teacher but I ended up being in movies. In the future, I want to set up a dance institute.

* Tell us about how Women needs to be empowered
Times have changed. Girls are moving ahead in many fields. There are many rights that favor women. However, women will have to make sure that their rights should not be misused.

* Among all the women out there, who is your role model?
It is definitely my Mom. I came from a background where women used to get married at a very early stage and going into movies is like a sin. But it was my Mom who fought against all the odds and made me the woman I am today. I am so indebted to her. She looked after me in every aspect.

* What is your take on the casting couch?
I am not saying that the industry is clean. However, one must note that these types of incidents happen in every nook and corner, in all other industries. If you are so passionate to do well in your selected field, you should overtake it in your own way. Otherwise, you have to quit. But according to me, it is not correct to highlight the issue after many years working in your field.

* Who is your inspiration to come into movies?
Actually, there is no inspiration for me. But I will take Shobana as my inspiration as she is a dancer and has achieved a lot in the movies as well. I want to balance both movies and dance.

* What is your dream role? Do you feel jealous about other stunning roles?
Not at all. I came from a non-filmy background. I have achieved where I could not even dream of before my debut. Every role of mine is special and is like my dream role. I do not feel jealous about others’ roles. Directors are selecting me for particular roles as they feel I can do justice. That itself is a blessing for me.

* Do you believe in the luck factor?
Yes, Luck definitely plays a huge role in this industry. However, luck alone couldn’t do miracles. One has to work hard irrespective of the results. If you continue doing what you love, one day luck definitely bangs your door.

* Tell us about your Dhee experiences
As I said before, dance is one thing that I enjoy the most. I enjoy every moment in Dhee. I love to work with Sudigali Sudheer, Pradeep, Sekhar Master, Priyamani garu. The kids have abundant talent. We can even learn from them. Priyamani is like my best friend. We share a lot of things. She will be the first person to encourage me in every aspect. I will continue to work with Dhee.

* According to you, what are the qualities one needs to possess to be successful in this industry?
Discipline, hard work, and time management are the key factors to be successful in any industry. However, in movies, one needs to be patient.

* What are your future plans?
I like to be a good actress rather than a heroine. I love challenging roles. I will be happy if I got that kind of recognition.

That wraps up our special interview with Poorna wishing her all the best in the future about her future endeavors as well.

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