Give people money to revive economy, says Rahul

‘Money is now taken off people through fuel price hike’

Endemic corruption without any corrective action has been the hallmark of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, MP, has said.

Mr. Gandhi was addressing a public meeting in connection with the election campaign of Deepak Joy, the United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate in the Vypeen constituency, at Goshree Junction on Monday.

Attacking both the LDF and the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre on the campaign trail at three constituencies through the day, Mr. Gandhi said both the governments did not realise the importance of putting money in people’s hands to jumpstart the economy. They were silently destroying people’s lives. If people were given money, it would lead to increased consumption, which in turn would trigger production and generate jobs.

On Nyaay

“Instead the government is taking money off the people through frequent fuel price hikes. Though COVID-19 did have an impact, the economy was already devastated by the thoughtless implementation of demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax,” said Mr. Gandhi. The Congress would introduce Nyaay programme whereby money would be transferred directly to the bank accounts of people, he added.

Alluding to the controversy surrounding the deep-sea fishing deal, Mr. Gandhi said the LDF government struck a secret deal with an American company because it did not have the guts to admit that to the fishing community. The government scrapped the deal only when caught red-handed. “It is like the thief feigning innocence and returning stolen property when caught.”

Unemployed youth

“The dynamic and hard-working youngsters of Kerala can only dream of a job now. What is the purpose of a government that cannot give its people livelihood? While the average youth in the State cannot find a job, those affiliated to the Left are easily getting jobs, which is unfair,” Mr. Gandhi said at the campaign of UDF candidate from Kochi Tony Chammany.

Harmony in society was intrinsically linked to the well-being of people and job creation. “You cannot thrash and kill people and expect the economy to do well, which the Left or the BJP do not seem to realise,” he said.

‘A different list’

Mr. Gandhi described the candidate list of the UDF as ‘very different.’ “It is a perfect blend of youngsters, who account for 55%, and seniors. If voted to power, the UDF would bring about new imagination and new approach laying the foundation of a new leadership,” he said.

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