Gates of twin reservoirs lifted

Officials on alert to evacuate people on banks of Musi

Four gates of the Osmansagar and one gate of the Himayatsagar reservoirs have been lifted to release flood water into the Musi River.

A statement from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board informed that two gates of Osmansagar reservoir were lifted on Monday, while two other gates had been lifted on September 23. All the four gates have been lifted by a foot to release 480 cusecs of water into the river.

By lifting a gate of the Himayatsagar, 250 cusecs of water is being let downstream.

Officials have been kept on alert to evacuate people from the banks of Musi river as there is risk of inundation.

HMWS&SB managing director M. Dana Kishore, during a review meeting on Monday, asked the officials to take precautionary measures to prevent untoward incidents during heavy rains. Localities with chronic sewage overflow issues should be identified and it should be ensured that there is no overflow, he said.

A total of 16 emergency response teams have been deployed on the ground, with five members in each team, armed with necessary equipment. Mini jetting machines should be kept ready to clear obstructions.

Manhole covers and safety grilles should be ensured on all manholes of considerable depth, and waterlogging points should be monitored. Waste from the drainage works should be removed immediately as well as garbage from nala crossings.

Caution boards should be set up near the manholes in areas prone to inundation, and sewerage supervisors should be stationed near deep manholes. Safety equipment is a must for the field workers, he said, and asked officials to ensure that drinking water is not polluted due to rain.

Nodal officers have been appointed for effective coordination with the police and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, he said. Open manholes should be reported to the water board by calling 155313.

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