‘Gandhian Manifesto’ released


‘A Mission for Gandhian Politics’, a forum of followers of Gandhian principles, released the ‘Gandhian Manifesto’, at the Gandhi Museum here on Saturday. The manifesto focuses on Gandhi’s ideas in achieving participatory democracy with more power to the common man.

The members of the forum said that there was a need for participatory democracy rather than representative democracy. In order to achieve this every village should be made self-sufficient as envisaged by Gandhi, the members said.

The importance of local bodies must be released and must be strengthened in such a way that people need not go beyond the local body to seek grievance redressal. Administration, health and education are some aspects that should be dealt with by local bodies, they said.

They emphasised on the need to achieve total liquor prohibition, curb corruption, generate employment, focus on local industries like khadi and handicrafts, promote agriculture, dairy cooperatives and organic farming.

The members said that no leader/candidate should be allowed to contest in more than two elections, only then will others and youngsters get a chance to compete. This in turn will help in curbing corruption, they said.

Further, they said that the study on Gandhian principles should be made part of the school and college curriculum. It would put an end to discrimination and bring self-discipline among public. The other areas that needed focus were women’s rights, mother tongue as a medium of instruction in schools and decentralisation of power and decision making, they said.

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