Flower-seller hires labourer to fill pothole

This was just one of the potholes on Pipeline Main Road in Malleswaram

Fed up of the pothole menace outside their flower shop, a shopkeeper took it upon himself to level the road to reduce inconvenience to motorists, pedestrians and their customers.

The shopkeeper hired a labourer and got him to clean the pothole on Pipeline Main Road in Malleswaram, and the surrounding area, before filling the space with mud.

While the work was under way, some civic employees arrived at the spot and told the shopkeeper to stop the work. They insisted that they would fill the pothole with gravel.

However, the shopkeeper, motorists and some pedestrians told the civic workers not to fill gravel in potholes saying they are crushed and, eventually, do not solve the problem. Instead of dumping gravel on potholes, they requested that the road be laid properly and made smooth for movement of vehicles.

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