Fake e-pass holder’s vehicle impounded in Theni


The police impounded a four-wheeler and detained its owner after it was found that he had a fake e-registration for travel from Chinnamanur to Periakulam in the district on Tuesday.

Police said Saravanan of Chinnamanur, when intercepted at a check-post, claimed that he was proceeding to Periakulam to attend a funeral. He showed an e-registration pass. When the police checked, it was found that he was going for some other purposes.

A senior officer at the check post said that they did random checks on such e-pass holders and impounded the vehicles. In this case, based on the confession of the car owner, they arrested a browsing centre owner Prakash, who had aided in getting the pass for the wrong reason.

The police had installed check posts in 13 locations in the district and erected barricades at arterial roads across the district. The police had deployed additional personnel at Bodimettu, Cumbummettu and Kumuli check posts as there were goods vehicles coming from Kerala.

The district had been witnessing huge numbers of Covid-19 positive patients that on May 24, according to the State medical bulletin, there were 32,541 positive cases, 26,265 were discharged and 5,973 active cases in hospitals and covid care centres.

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