Earth Energy to roll out six EVs this year

Automotive start-up Earth Energy EV has announced the introduction of 6 new commercial and non-commercial e-vehicles in the India market this year. The EVs would be rolled out with 96% localisation, the company said. “Earth Energy will be producing EV batteries in India, which is considered to be one of the major cost reflectors in an EV. The strategy has resulted in cutting down the end product price significantly,” it added.

The company has a manufacturing facility in the outskirts of Mumbai and is engaged in the development of a range of open-ended customizable Electric Vehicles and EV chargers.

It plans to manufacture and supply 4,500 units of electric vehicles this year. It is also in the advanced stages of setting up a greenfield manufacturing facility in Maharashtra with an annual capacity of 65,000 units.

Rushi Shenghani, CEO & Founder, Earth Energy EV, said, “We have invested three and a half years to perfect the vehicles and underlying technologies to make reliable and affordable EVs. We are witnessing a huge demand for EV adoption in the Indian market.”

“Our indigenised vehicles are made ground up to put a dent in the stereotypical electric mobility landscape in India,” he said.

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