COVID: India’s mortality rate now at 1.3%

India’s COVID-19 fatality rate has declined to 1.3 per cent.

Four states, however — Maharashtra, Nagaland, Uttarakhand and Punjab — still have a fatality rate of more than 2 per cent.

Focus on improved and effective clinical treatment in hospitals, supervised home isolation, use of non-invasive oxygen support, improved ambulance services for ferrying patients for prompt and timely treatment, upgrading clinical management skills of doctors treating COVID-19 patients, use of steroids and anti-coagulants, etc, have together resulted in seamless efficient patient management, the ministry said.

‘These measures have ensured that India’s COVID-19 case fatality rate (CFR) is maintained below the global average (3.3 pc). Witnessing a decline every day, it stands at 1.75 per cent as on date,’ the ministry said.

Rediff Labs has analysed the mortality rate across India; the below map shows state-wise fatality rate.

Move your pointer to see the mortality rate of individual states. 


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