COVID-19 surge: Judicial complex in Bhubaneswar sealed

According to the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, the move was taken in the larger public interest and with a view to contain the further spread of the virus.

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday sealed the judicial complex for seven days following the detection of a number of COVID-19 positive cases.

According to the BMC, the move was taken in the larger public interest and with a view to contain the further spread of the virus. The complex will remain closed for seven days from April 29 to March 5.

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“The premises of Judicial Complex, Bhubaneswar, will be sanitised immediately by the judicial complex authorities in strict adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines. No one will be allowed to move into or from the premises of the judicial complex during the next one week except authorised persona,” said BMC’s deputy commissioner for south-east zone.

“Persons who tested positive are directed to remain in isolation at their respective residences. Further, if any person needs medical attention, the judicial complex authorities are to intimate the same to BMC immediately,” the order says.

The judicial complex authorities have been asked to intimate the BMC in case symptoms are observed in staff, other than those already detected positive.

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Bhubaneswar city has been recording a sharp rise in positive cases for a few weeks. On Wednesday, as many as 1,044 persons were found infected in the city which recorded 773 positive cases on Tuesday and 703 on Monday. Bhubaneswar is the worst-affected region of Odisha.

Cumulatively, total cases in Bhubaneswar stand at 35,674 while at present, the active case load is 6,493. Compared to this, the city has 3,000 COVID-19 beds.

Of late, the corporation has started shutting down markets where COVID-19 protocols were openly flouted. The busy Unit-2 market has been closed for 48 hours.

Seven doctors, 38 call executives and six supervising officers have been deployed to work for 1929 call centre whereas eight doctors and 46 counsellors are working for the 104 helpline. Another seven doctors and 20 counsellors will be deployed for the 104 helpline. In a day, nearly 10,000 calls are handled by the 1929 and 104 Call Centres.

Control rooms are operating in the BMC and Capital Hospital for shifting needy patients in coordination with hospitals and ambulances. As many as 44 ambulances have been deployed at different locations.

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