Coronavirus | People throng Remdesivir sales counter in Coimbatore despite ‘holiday’

The staff at the counter issued tokens to the people and asked them to come back on Monday

People thronged the special sales counter for Remdesivir at the Coimbatore Medical College (CMC), Peelamedu, in large numbers even after authorities had declared a holiday on Sunday.

The staff at the counter issued tokens to the people and asked them to come back on Monday.

Most individuals who were a part of the queue, later told journalists that the sales should have continued on Sunday as Remdesivir is an essential drug.

Authorities of the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Ltd and CMC had informed on Saturday that the special counter will remain closed on Sundays.

After witnessing a long queue of people who came for the drug from different parts as early as 7 a.m. on Sunday, the staff designated for the counter came to the place and issued tokens for Monday.

The special sales counter for the anti-viral drug used in COVID-19 treatment was opened at the CMC teaching campus at Peelamedu on Saturday. According to authorities, the sales counter received 500 vials of the drug on Saturday.

The staff at the counter told on Sunday that they were expecting more vials of the drug by Sunday evening.

The counter, which functions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., sells a vial of Remdesivir for ₹ 1,568. A person can buy a maximum of six vials of Remdesivir upon producing the following documents: RT-PCR test results, CT scan report of the patient, original prescription for the drug by the doctor who treats the patient, photocopies of the Aadhaar cards of the patient and the person present with the former while buying the drug. .

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