Coronavirus | 82 infected with U.K. virus strain

234 persons died of COVID-19 in past 24 hours, says Health Ministry.

The total number of people infected with the new strain of the novel coronavirus, first reported in the U.K., now stood at 82, said a release issued by the Health Ministry on Friday.

India also reported 234 COVID-19 case fatalities in the past 24 hours with eight States/Union Territories accounting for 76.50% of the new deaths. Maharashtra saw the most number of casualties (72). Kerala and Delhi followed with 25 and 19 daily deaths.

“Delhi has the maximum deaths per million population (569), while India’s deaths per million population is 109. Eighteen States/UTs have deaths per million population lower than the national average. On the other hand, 17 States/UTs have deaths per million higher than the national average,” said the Ministry.

India had been reporting a streak of very low daily new cases. In the last 24 hours 18,139 persons tested positive . The active caseload now stood at 2,25,449 and the share of active cases in the total positive cases had further shrunk to 2.16%. With 20,539 recoveries in the last 24 hours, a net decline of 2,634 cases from the total active caseload was registered, the Ministry stated.

Kerala continued to report the highest daily new cases at 5,051. It was followed by Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh with 3,729 and 1,010, respectively.

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