Consumers complain of Tangedco staff demanding money for fixing underground cables

There is a growing list of complaints from domestic consumers and commercial users that local electricity officials are demanding money for replacing worn out or punctured underground cables and other materials for restoring electricity supply.

There are also instances of electricity workers asking residents to purchase materials to replace pillar boxes.

While ‘shortage’ of underground cables is cited as a reason by the local personnel, the senior officials said it was the responsibility of the Electricity Department to replace the damaged cable right up to the pillar boxes.

Recently a complaint was filed by P. Nakkeeran, who runs a small factory in the Ambattur Industrial Estate, seeking action to be taken against an Executive Engineer and an Assistant Engineer for ‘demanding favours’ for restoring the power supply in the street where a number of industries were operating.

In the petition Mr. Nakkeeran, who is also an office-bearer of Arappor Iyakkam, said the electricity officials claimed there was a shortage of manpower and also money was needed to rectify the problem immediately. However, when it was brought to the notice of senior officials, the power supply was restored with the Tangedco’s own materials but after a delay of more than one day.

A Tangedco senior official said there was no shortage of manpower or material, and action would be taken based on the complaint.

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