Conservancy workers start collecting waste in yellow bags from houses with active cases

All the houses with patients will be given new carry bags for waste collection

The Greater Chennai Corporation has asked conservancy workers to collect waste in yellow bags from houses of COVID-19 patients.Workers driving battery-operated vehicles belonging to Urbaser Sumeet have started collecting waste from houses of COVID-19 patients in yellow carry bags. Similarly, conservancy workers in zones managed by the Corporation have been asked to collect waste from homes of patients in separate bags.The workers have been asked to distribute new carry bags to affected houses in each of the 2,197 streets with active cases. At least 7,831 active cases have been reported in the 15 zones of the city. As many as 112 streets each have more than five active cases in the city. Residents in houses of patients in 204 streets with more than four active cases, 355 streets with three active cases and 1,842 streets with less than three active cases will get yellow bags for safe disposal of waste.

Teynampet zone, with 970 patients from 362 streets, has reported the largest number of active cases on quarantine.A total of 37,340 streets in the city have not registered any active cases. Normal conservancy operations will continue on these streets, the officials said.

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