Chennai tops in percentage of population vaccinated

It has covered 24.4% of its people with at least one dose

An analysis of data on vaccination from the CoWin portal has revealed that Chennai is ahead of other metros in the percentage of overall population covered by the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

At 24.4% (single dose) it is significantly higher than Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. As far as both doses are concerned, though Chennai has vaccinated only 7.5% of the population, it remains ahead of these cities.

The data, till June 17, looks at the actual number of people vaccinated against the total population for the cities, thereby analysing the percentage of the population covered hitherto.

At 80,00,000 people, Chennai is the least populous, while Mumbai has over 2,00,00,000 people, and Delhi, over 3,00,00,000. Bengaluru has over 1,20,00,000 people and Hyderabad just over 1,00,00,000.

Even in dose-wise coverage among the eligible population (18-plus age group), Chennai is at a high 35.1% of the population for one dose, and 10.8% for both doses. The other metros bring up the tail again. While all cities have better vaccination rates for the 45-59 age group, Chennai leads at 57.8%.

Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi says, “The reason for improving coverage is the continuous focus of the government on Chennai, which used to be a hotspot and the biggest source of COVID-19 infections, and particularly with reference to apportioning doses. The GCC has systematically paid attention to the daily vaccination schedule, SoPs and personal follow-up by officials to make sure doses are well-distributed.”

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