CCB summons Radhika for questioning

The Central Crime Branch police have summoned Kannada film actor-producer Radhika to appear before them for questioning on Friday. This comes a day after she clarified her relationship with Yuvraj Swamy, who has been accused of fraud while claiming to have ties with right-wing organisations.

According to the CCB, Yuvraj was operating around 47 bank accounts, from one of which he had transferred ₹15 lakh to the actor. “She had also received ₹60 lakh from another account in March 2019,” said a CCB official.

Radhika, in a press conference on Wednesday, claimed that the money was part of the remuneration she received to act in an upcoming movie. “Such a large sum was wired to her account with no agreement or contract,” the official added.

According to CCB sources, he has had transactions with many actors and politicians which are under scrutiny. Yuvaraj, who claimed to be an astrologer and vastu expert, was arrested in December for allegedly cheating people of lakhs of rupees by promising them seats in parliament and on government boards claiming that he had connections with the BJP high command.

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