Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: These contestants are in nomination this week

Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting one of the popular controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. Lobo got evicted from the Telugu Bigg Boss house during the eighth week. He got eliminated in the Diwali special episode set to entertain  the TV viewers and Bigg Boss fans yesterday night. Though Lobo tried to give his best in the captaincy contender challenges during the week, but he failed to win a challenge and grab the screen time. Now there are only  eleven housemates are in the Bigg Boss 5 house.

Now, Bigg Boss housemates are eagerly waiting to know who will be on the nominations list for ninth week eliminations. If Bigg Boss conducts open nominations between the contestants-  Sunny, Maanas, RJ Kajal, Jessie, Sreerama Chandra and Vishwa may be on the nominations list.  The contestants may not be nominated anchor Ravi this week.

Lobo was the one of the very few contestants who never became a captain in the Bigg Boss house.  He was also one who was sent to the secret room after a fake eviction sequence with the contestant Shailaja Priya. He made a re-entry into the show after a couple of days but his second innings failed to create any noise in the Bigg Boss house.

Mohammed Khayyum, popularly known as Lobo, is an anchor and actor, who is known for his eccentric dressing and make up.

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