Beach cleaning, surf rescue training at Tannirbhavi

Members from various organisations, including We are Cycling and Mangalore Bikerni Group, took part in cycling, beach cleaning and surf rescue training sessions organised by Team Big Bang at the Tannnirbhavi beach on Sunday.

The team Big Bang organised these events under the programme ‘Big Bang 2k21’ with the help of Yojaka (India) Pvt. Ltd., which maintains the beach. The programme was held, among other reasons, to promote healthy living, tourism and maintaining clean beaches.

Many cycled all the way from Mangala Stadium to reach the beach at 7.30 a.m. A good number reached the beach via the ferry at the Sulthan Battery. Apart from cleaning the beach, the participants took part in bike stunts, zumba and beach workout. The Surf Rescue India members gave demonstration of cardio-pulmonary resurrection and surf rescue techniques.

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