Bandla Ganesh : I will not tolerate anyone to insult my caste

The actor and producer Bandla Ganesh said during the media interaction, “Good should be called good. After the fight, we met number of times. We took photographs. We talked. Roja is my sister.  Usually words slip when angry.  I will try to correct the mistake. She became a minister today. We should be proud of Roja.”  Bandla Ganesh also praised  on Telangana CM KCR and Minister KTR and said that he would not tolerate anyone insulting his caste and he also spoke about Minister Roja on this occasion.

Bandla Ganesh  said, “ KTR garu’ level has now increased a lot and he is not talking now but before entering politics , he was very good with me. I hurt him and maintained a distance, but he is a gentleman. Without any doubt, KTR is national treasure. Chandrababu Naidu , but Rajasekhar Reddy made Hyderabad wonderful. Roads were laid, Airport was built. KTR took it to the next level. We are proud to be in Hyd city today because of only KTR.”

Bandla Ganesh  added, “Don’t ask me about  the neighboring states. I don’t know about  the Andhra politics. I will strongly react if anyone insults Kamma’ caste.  I am not giving any warnings to anybody. It’s a request. There is no enemy, no friends. If necessary, i will make the friendship, otherwise no.”

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