Bandi Sanjay attacks KCR, Use third degree on my son?

Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Sons Controversy: Telangana state BJP chief Bandi Sanjay accused Telangana chief Minister of getting a non-bailable case filed against his son Bhagirath to attempt to silence him.

He expressed his anger over the registration of a case against his son at Dundigal police station. He got angry at KCR saying that if it is not possible to face him politically, he filed a case against his son without seeing that he is a child.  He warned KCR not to drag the family members into politics. Responding to his son’s Bandi Bhagiratha controversy, Bandi Sanjay said that a non-bailable case was filed against his son in connection with the incident. Children will fight and meet again. What is the need to file a case on this, he asked. 

 He added, “Action should be taken against the wrongdoers. I don’t agree. Was any procedure followed in this regard? Were the parents called and counselled? Did the parents get to know the truth? When did the incident take place? At least a notice was given? Were the parents informed? Do you want to destroy the lives of children? The incident happened some time ago. Why was it leaked today? Who should be responsible for the children?  The  youngsters, sometimes, fight and get back to being friends. I will surrender my son in the police station,  Will you apply third degree? Will you beat with sticks ?, we will see what they will do,” said Bandi Sanjay.

Bandi Sanjay comments came after Dundigal police registered a case against Bhagirath on charges of assaulting his classmate over a petty issue.


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