Aww! A lion cub and his human daddy

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Hand-reared with love
Date: January 28
Location: Bhubaneswar

Six months ago, a lioness called Bijli gave birth to two cubs at Bhubaneswar’s Nandankanan Zoo.

The zoo authorities were thrilled.

Unfortunately, Bijli rejected her babies.

While the male cub could not be saved, animal keeper Prashant Gouda is looking after the female, who has been named Barsha, with utmost care.

The 26 year old, who has been hand-rearing Barsha since her birth in July last year, is the cute cub’s parent, playmate and friend.

Just look at their loving bond.


Why Disha’s fans are awed!
Date: January 31
Location: Mumbai

She’s super hot!

Super fit!

That’s Disha Patani for you.

In a recent video, Disha executed some amazing flips that left her viewers stunned at her strength and flexibility.

The actress, who is a great believer in fitness, is a regular practitioner of martial arts and gymnastics.


How this tea seller helps the poor
Date: February 1
Location: Gaya

He struggles to make ends meet.

But that does not blind him to the struggles of those more impoverished.

Meet Sanjay Chandravanshi, a tea seller from Gaya and an Extraordinary Indian.

During this winter, which has been much colder, he saw many people suffering because of the severe chill.

So he began arranging blankets and aid for those who needed it.

“We have distributed 200 blankets to the poor. My father and grandfather also used to do this,” he says.

Chandravanshi has a request. “If the government creates a night shelter, it will be more convenient to serve the poor.”


Want to earn Rs 71,000? Eat a dosa
Date: February 2
Location: New Delhi

As simple as that?

Not really 🙂 There is a slight twist.

Actually, a few twists.

First, the dosa

Second, you have to finish it in 40 minutes.

Third, you have to eat it at the venue — Swami Shakti Sagar at Delhi’s Uttam Nagar.

So, are you upto the challenge?


India launches Brahmos, Uran
Date: February 2
Location: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

It’s a proud moment for India, which successfully launched two anti-ship missiles, the Brahmos and the Uran, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Sharing the video of the momentous step, the Andaman and Nicobar Command tweeted, ‘The launch of Brahmos & Uran anti-ship missiles by ANC Naval component further validates capabilities for defence of our islands.’


Seven women guards, 2,500 hectares of forest
Date: February 4
Location: Surat

Glass ceilings are quietly being broken across India every day.

In Surat, the responsibility of protecting 2,500 hectares of forest land in the Khod Amba range has been given to a squad of seven women forest officers by the Mandvi range forest department.

Their duty spans 24 hours every day.

Pooja Singh, a beat guard, says their responsibilities include dealing with forest fires. During their rounds, she smiles, they sometimes come spot snakes and leopards.

A salute to these brave women!

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