Are you suffering from Joint pain? Here are the home remedies

Winters mean stiff joints and the painful muscles for many. The pain caused by a sprain or mild arthritis can be relieved with helpful home remedies.

Here are the home remedies for aching joints-

Cold Compressed Olive Oil Massage – Massage cold compressed olive oil 2 times in a day on the painful area. You can also take olive oil orally.

Ginger extract: The  ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and helps curb pain-causing chemicals. Use ginger to make a hot compress for the joint pain. Add half a cup of fresh, grated ginger to 2 cups of water and boil it. Let it simmer for the  5 minutes. Add the washcloth in the mixture and let it steep for fifteen minutes after turning off the heat. Squeeze and spread this cloth on the painful areas.

Epsom Salt Soak: Soak the painful joints in Epsom salt. The magnesium sulfate in the  Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and helps to reduce the inflammation. Add half a cup of salt to a bowl of warm water and soak  the  painful joints in it for 10- 15 minutes. If you have pain in multiple joints, adding 2 cups of salt to your bathtub is a great idea.

Soak up the Sun:  vitamin D is known to aid in soothing the pain among those with rheumatoid arthritis. The simple walk of 15 minutes in the sun or just sitting in the early morning sun soaking in the rays is enough.

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