Actress and Politician Gayathri Raghuram quit BJP, says: Under Annamalai leadership women are not safe

Actress Gayathri Raghuram announced her resignation from Bharatiya Janata Party- BJP as a basic member.  From past few days Gayathri Raghuram had been attacking Annamalai directly on the social media, and she is  claiming that since he joined BJP,  the things had gotten out of control and that females are suffering under his leadership. The BJP’s internal conflict has been made public by Gayathri Raghuram, who was ousted from the party. Gayathri Raghuram exposed the internal conflicts going on in the BJP,  and  claimed that there was no distinction between Trichy Surya’ vulgarity and Annamalai’ vulgarity.

Actress and choreographer Gayathri Raghuram has posted on Twitter that she is leaving the BJP in Tamil Nadu.  She said: Under Annamalai – TN BJP state president leadership the women are not safe. I feel better to be trolled as outsider.  She  has announced her resignation as a basic member of BJP today, but Annamalai has already removed her from the party.

Gayathri Raghuram accused Annamalai of being a “cheap tactic liar” and an “adharmic leader.”  The actress said, “I cannot continue under the Annamalai leadership. Cannot expect social justice.”

It is noteworthy that Gayathri Raghuram said that Annamalai insults only the women in her own party and questioned why Annamalai did not show his wife in public and damaged her image.

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