Activist writes to Chief Secretary seeking DVAC probe in Madurai Aavin; suspects fraud of ₹ 13.71 crore

According to the audit report, there was a shortage of 3.18 lakh kg of ghee.

The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (V&AC) police should conduct a probe into the misappropriation and financial loss reported to the tune of ₹ 13.71 crore in Aavin, Madurai, C Anandraj, an activist here has said on Sunday.

In an eight-page letter written to the Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu government, a copy of which was released to the reporters, he said that according to the March 2021 audit reports, a whopping ₹ 13.71 crore had been siphoned off by some officials in the Aavin over the last two to three years.

Based on the complaints sent to the Aavin management at Chennai, the Commissioner had suspended some of the officers and a few others had been transferred out of Madurai. "The new government should suspend all the officers figuring in the misappropriation until the probe is completed," Mr. Anandraj appealed in his letter.

TTD returns ghee

The audit report, according to Mr. Anandraj, had found that the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam officials had returned the ghee to Aavin citing "poor quality". However, the officers at Aavin Madurai had not shown this anywhere in the books or there was no entry in the security gate. Likewise, the report has pointed out 28,138 kgs of butter valued ₹ 78.78 lakh as shortage.

The Aavin had procured pet jars for the purpose of packing ghee and selling it in the markets. But according to the audit report, there was a shortage of 3.18 lakh kg of ghee. However, the books showed that the pet jars were all sold.

Under such circumstances, the Chief Secretary should direct the DVAC officials to investigate and ensure that the investigation was not carried out by the senior officials from the Aavin, which may be an eyewash.

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