A Bike That Climbs Coconut Trees

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SEE: How a Maruti Swift became a ‘Lamborghini’.

WATCH: Leopard cubs reunited with mom.

SEE: India’s first multi-faith crematorium.

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American couple adopts abandoned child
Location: Patna

Three years ago, on a cold winter night, a newborn baby boy was abandoned by the side of a road in Patna’s Bihta area.

Today, his life has turned a full circle as he has been adopted by Colonel Dr and Dr Catherine Miller.

It’s taken the Millers two years to complete the paperwork and the little boy and his parents will leave for America as soon as his passport arrives.


Maruti Swift becomes ‘Lamborghini’
Location: Karimganj

He wanted to gift something unique to the chief minister of his state.

So Nurul Haque, a motor mechanic from Karimganj, Assam, modified an old Maruti Swift car into a stylish replica of a Lamborghini.

It took him four months and more than Rs 10 lakhs to effect this transformation.

The car, he says, is meant for Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.


A bike that climbs coconut trees
Location: Mangaluru

You must have seen agile men scramble up coconut trees to get the drupe.

What’s a drupe, you might wonder. A coconut is one example of a drupe.

But we digress.

The person we should be actually talking about is Mangaluru farmer Ganapathi Bhat.

And how he solved the problem of collecting coconuts from the top of slender coconut trees.

Bhat’s built a bike that that can drive up a coconut tree; the rider then comfortably collects the coconuts.

The bike is a modified version of the one he had created in 2019, which climbs arecanut trees.

Bhat, a BSc graduate, collaborated with Sherwin Maben, an engineer, to build the bike.


Rescued! 3 leopard cubs
Location: Nashik

They were cute. Cuddly. And desperately frightened.

Three leopard cubs were found abandoned in a field in Nashik’s Pathardi village.

Swinging to their rescue, the area was cordoned off for the safety of the young cubs.

Thankfully, their mother came back later and took her cubs away.


India’s first multi-faith crematorium
Location: Hyderabad

India has a new first — a multi-faith crematorium.

Developed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, Mukti Ghat in Fathullaguda offers last rites as per the Hindu, Muslim and Christian faiths.

The funeral ground, built at a cost of Rs 16.25 crores (Rs 162.5 million), is spread across 6.5 acres; the Muslim qabrastan and the Christian cemetery are spread over two acres each while the Hindu crematorium has been allocated 2.5 acres.

It also includes prayer halls, separate bathrooms, a greenhouse, a special room for performing the final rites of the deceased, a power supply with 140-kilowatt capacity solar power and a sewage plant.

It facilitates live streaming of the rituals for loved ones who can’t make it to the funeral.


Roar! The lions are here
Location: Mumbai

Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park has two new residents.

Meet them right here.


Shriya Saran ditches car for auto
Location: Mumbai

The cameras love her.

And she knows exactly how to woo that unblinking eye.

Take a look.


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