79 held for ‘gambling’, ₹48.75 lakh recovered

SEB and Guntur Rural Police conduct raids

The Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) and the Guntur Rural Police raided a gambling den at Chintaravu village in Nizampatnam mandal on Friday late night and arrested 21 persons. They seized ₹42.58 lakhin cash, a money counting machine, 27 boxes of cards, 153 plastic coins, 32 cellphones , 22 cars, eight motorcycles, and a power generator.

Gambling was going on at a fish tank owned by one Bhusankara Rao when the joint teams of SEB and the Repalle police raided the place.

In another raid, the Bapatla Rural police raided a gambling den belonging to Mopidevi Nagaraju at Mundredu village and arrested 58 persons, besides seizing ₹6.17 lakh in cash, 20 cars, 16 motorcycles and two power generators.

In all, the police arrested 79 persons and seized ₹48.75 lakh. The SEB was constituted to crack a whip on the illegal mining, sale of liquor and gambling has been busting major smuggling rackets.

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