29 motors seized for illegal water tapping in Villupuram

VILLUPURAM: A surprise drive by Municipal officials led to the seizure of 29 motor pumpsets from dwellings, which were involved in the illegal tapping of water from the Thenpennaiar River at Pillur and Ellis Chatram in Villupuram. Officials said that water was being sourced from the Thenpennaiar River and supplied through pipelines to the 42 wards in Villupuram municipality.

Following complaints from residents, Municipal Commissioner Surendar Shah formed teams to check illegal tapping of water. The squads, which fanned out to different locations in Villupuram town on Monday found that the pressure of water was high in certain dwellings alone and on random checks they found the residents were using motor pumpsets to suck water.

The teams seized 29 motor pumps used for illegal tapping of water.

Mr. Shah said that stern action would be taken against illegal tapping of water. He appealed to the residents to cooperate with the municipality and not to use motor pumpsets as the water flow would get stopped abruptly, besides depriving water to other residents.


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