‘Spent cartridge’, ‘Jaichand’, ‘dumb’: Barbs fly thick and fast as Sidhu, Capt trade charges

Capt claims MLAs were with him but high command had made up its mind; Sidhu calls him ‘negative force stalling justice and development of Punjab’

On a day Capt Amarinder Singh announced his decision to launch a new political party and said he will enter into a seat-sharing poll pact with the BJP, Navjot Singh Sidhu called him “a spent cartridge” and “Jaichand” of state politics, prompting the former chief minister to ask if the Punjab Congress president was “dumb”.

While Amarinder at the press conference claimed that the MLAs were with him but the Congress high command had made up its mind to replace him, Sidhu attacked him on Twitter saying: “We the 78 MLAs of Congress, could never imagine, what we received an arm-twisted, ED controlled BJP loyal chief minister of Punjab @capt_amarinder .who sold the interests of Punjab to save his skin! You were the negative force stalling justice and development of Punjab.”

On Amarinder’s comments that the Kharge committee’s 18-point agenda was nothing but part of the Punjab 2017 manifesto, and that he would ensure Sidhu’s defeat, Sidhu tweeted: “Was it pity, that a 3-member committee was formed to make you accountable? Why were MLAs against you? Because everyone knew you have collided with Badals! All you want is to defeat me, have you ever wanted Punjab to win? Your 75/25 dealings with Badals and BJP are crystal clear.”

“There is no suffering that pity will not insult! Were you unceremoniously dumped for good governance? & 18 point agenda shoved down the throat of poorest performing CM of Punjab.You will be remembered as Jaichand of Punjab’s political history, you are truly a spent cartridge.”

He also tweeted: “You wanted to close doors on me, as I was raising voice of the people, speaking truth to power! Last time you formed your own party, you lost your ballot, garnering only 856 votes.People of Punjab are again waiting to punish you for compromising on the interests of Punjab!!

In another tweet, Sidhu said, “Punjab welcomes Vidhan Sabha Session, it will be redemption song for people of Punjab. Cancellation of PPAs, bringing in tariff order to decrease prices of Power for domestic consumer, cancelling farm Laws & using persuasive power of Vidhan Sabha to stop BSF takeover of Punjab!!”

Meanwhile, on Amarinder’s behalf, his media advisor clapped back at Sidhu, “You do have the knack of putting your foot in your mouth @sherryontopp! The 856 votes you are mocking came even after I withdrew my nomination from Kharar since I’d won unopposed from Samana. So what does that show? Or are you too dumb to understand.”

“If I could get those 856 votes just because my name was on the ballot paper after I withdrew from contest, do I even need to spell out what happens when I actually fight? In fact, all Punjab knows I’ve won LS polls twice & Assembly 6 times @sherryontopp”

“So why don’t you focus on your work instead of wasting your time attacking me all day long @sherryontopp? Unless you’ve made up your mind to not rest till you’ve destroyed @INCPunjab. And if that’s the case then you’re only making my task easier!” the media adviser tweeted.

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