Rajasthan wildlife dept issues Bird flu alert after death of crows

After crows found dead in Jhalawar area of Rajasthan were found to be infected with the deadly bird flu disease, followed by reporting of more instances of mysterious deaths of crows and some other birds in other parts of the state, the wildlife department of Rajasthan has sounded a Bird flu alert.

Bird flu was confirmed as the cause of death of nearly 50 crows in Jhalawar a couple of days ago and now, nearly 300 crow deaths have been reported from different parts of the state including Kota, Baran, Jodhpur and other districts.

Further, deaths of 100 birds including 50 peacocks have been reported on Friday in Nagaur district, while 60 hens were found dead in Panwar area of Jhalawar.

Samples of the dead birds have been sent to veterinary laboratories for establishing the cause of death.

The Wildlife department is viewing this matter seriously and the chief wildlife warden of Rajasthan has sounded a bird flu alert in the state.

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“After the bird flu in Jhalawar and reports of death of crows in other parts of the state, we have instructed all the wildlife officials to inspect wetlands of the state since a large number of migratory birds are here due to the winter season,” said Mohanlal Meena, chief wildlife warden, Rajasthan.

“Bird flu advisories are being issued asking the wildlife department to keep a tab on deaths of birds and also collect samples of the dead birds before properly disposing of their carcasses,” Meena said.

He said that since the bird flu is contagious for humans so instructions have been given for proper monitoring in all the tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and territorial forests.

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