Mumbai: Colaba, Chembur, Kandivli have lowest doubling rate

With maximum Covid-19 cases in the city in the past seven days, the areas of Mulund, Chembur, Colaba and Kandivli are faring worse in comparison to other areas in the city, with the lowest doubling rate between 226 and 280 days. Areas such as Parel, Sandhurst Road, Dadar, and Elphinstone road have fared better with the highest doubling rate.

While Parel has a doubling rate of 710 days, Sandhurst Road has a doubling rate of 654 days, Dadar has a doubling rate of 628 days, and Elphinstone Road has a doubling rate of 592 days. The average doubling rate of Mumbai is 364 days.

Doubling rate is calculated as the number of days needed for the cases to double, taking the average increase in cases over 7 days. Over the past week, the city has recorded around 500-600 cases daily.

On Friday, Mumbai recorded 654 new cases, and 11 deaths, taking the total number of cases to 2,97,639, and the toll to 111,73, with a case fatality rate of 3.7%. Currently, Mumbai has 7,927 active cases, with a recovery rate of 93%, and an overall growth rate of 0.21%.

Suresh Kakani, additional municipal commissioner in-charge of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) public health department, said, “Every ward in the city has anywhere between 10 to 50 cases on any given day, which is not alarming. We don’t have a particular area that has fared very badly in terms of an outbreak. However, the trend that started in July-August remains, where we are seeing a large number of cases from high-rises and buildings, instead of slums. There are not many cases per day from slums.”

Since January 1 until Friday, Mulund recorded 315 cases, followed by Chembur that recorded 160 cases, followed by A ward area of Colaba, Churchgate and Fort with 126 new cases. Parel recorded the lowest – 74 – new cases, B ward area of Sandhurst road recorded 16 cases, and Dadar recorded 109 new cases.

D ward, which was a hotspot for Covid-19 cases in July and August, recorded 156 new Covid-19 cases since January 1, with a doubling rate of 427 days. Similarly, Bandra West recorded 152 new Covid-19 cases, with a doubling rate of 330 days.

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