For Pune couples on Valentine’s Day, a cycling trip to connect with nature and each other

Several couples will be participating in the Valentine’s Day cycling trip that has been organised by Pune-based Speaking wheels.

On Valentine’s Day, Dhananjay Bodas, a scientist with Agharkar Research Institute in Pune, will spend time with his partner in an unusual way — cycling 50 km.

“We are looking forward to starting out while it is still dark and catching a sight of the sun rising as we cycle. Cycling with a partner is a pleasure because you reap the benefits of excellent weather and spend Me-time together. Sending time outdoors is better than going to a restaurant,” he says.

Several couples, apart from Bodas and his partner, will be participating in the Valentine’s Day cycling trip that has been organised by Pune-based Speaking wheels.

“People are still coming out of the lockdown and many have taken up cycling. Some people need to break personal barriers while others need to spend time together our in the open,” says Amit Gadgil, one of the founders of Speaking Wheels.

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The ride, which seeks to create awareness about a healthy lifestyle, has a farm near Pune as the destination. Participants can acquaint themselves with farming methods, pick vegetable have a healthy breakfast and meet new people, besides exchanging notes on cycling trips.

“The lockdown made people realise the value of their families, interpersonal relationships and the importance of taking out time for themselves. Before this, work was given so much priority that paying attention to ourselves often took a backseat. Now, people have realised that even while working from home, they can take out time to play sports, go out with others and meet people outside their work circles,” says Bodas, who spent the lockdown working on a COVID detection kit.

Though 50 km seems like a lot of distance for a beginner, co-founder Pallavi Nene says that the ride will have a support vehicle with hydration options and a cycle rack for those who cannot complete the ride. “We aim to bring people close to nature, culture, history and traditions, get them out of their comfort zones and help the planet in the process,” she adds.

On February 14, from Chandni Chowk at 6.30 am. Entry: Rs 850 per couple. Contact: 9881730219

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