Domestic help, aides steal Rs 6 lakh, jewellery from hosiery owner’s house in Ludhiana

Hired five days ago, a domestic help decamped with Rs 6 lakh cash, gold and diamond jewellery from the house of a hosiery unit owner in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar on Friday. At the time of the incident, the hosiery unit owner was in his factory, while his family members had gone out.

The police verification of the help, who had identified himself as Rahul, had not been carried out.

Complainant Suresh Rana, 46, said that his family had asked their locality’s gardener, Lalit Parsad, to find a domestic help for them. On December 25, 2020, Prasad sent a 14-year-old boy named Sonu for work. But after two days of trial, the family asked Sonu to send someone else as they were not satisfied with his work.

On December 27, Sonu came with a youth and introduced him as his elder brother, Rahul. The family found Rahul’s work satisfactory and hired him.

On January 1, when Rana returned home, he found that the main gate of the house was open and there was no one at home. His wife had left for Delhi to meet some relatives earlier in the day, while his son and daughter were out shopping. When Rana entered the house, he found the LPG cylinder leaking, and an almirah kept in the bedroom ransacked. The thieves had taken away at least Rs 6 lakh in cash, some gold and diamond jewellery, he claimed.

Assistant commissioner of police (ACP, West) Gurpreet Singh said the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the house had captured Rahul and his two accomplices taking away the valuables.

Rana does not have any details about domestic help’s address and he is not even sure if Rahul is his actual name, said the ACP.

The ACP added that the police have questioned the gardener, Lalit Parsad, but he said that he had found Sonu roaming around in the locality for work and sent him to the family.

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