YouTuber Fousey Arrested During Livestream After Calling Cops On Himself?! What??

A popular YouTube star was just caught in some unnerving trouble on a livestream!

Yousef Saleh Eraka, who’s famous as FouseyTube or just Fousey online, caught fans’ attention when he went live on the platform Kick for a subathon — AKA a game creators play with followers while a clock ticks down to zero. As long as someone subscribes to his channel within a certain period of time, the scream keeps going.

At one point during the stream on Monday, the prankster revealed he was walking along the Miami highway — and he wasn’t just on the edge of the street! He was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD as cars whizzed past and he tried to talk to other drivers. You can see the scary footage HERE.


During the dangerous activity, he ranted about his life while seemingly referring to multiple bans he received on Twitch earlier this month:

“YouTube, everybody, the internet’s hating me. It’s now 2023 I’m 33 years old. Might have signed a multi-million-dollar deal, dog. I’m gonna retire my entire family. I’m on the Miami freeway by the way.”

Obviously, walking in the middle of a busy AF highway in the dark is very concerning, but things got much worse as the stream progressed.

Things escalated on Tuesday night when he was seen at the InterContinental Miami Hotel when he decided to call 911, claiming, “my life is in danger.” He was in the room with a personal security guard who was trying to help him, telling him, “calm down bro.”

Fousey sat on the edge of the bed on the phone with the dispatcher, replying:

“I don’t feel safe around you.”

Explaining his mood further, he added:

“A guy told me I’m going to die tonight and I’m going to relax?”

He also got very agitated while he tried to find the address of the hotel to give to the authorities, but when it became evident the dispatcher wasn’t going to send help fast enough, he pretended he was getting attacked by a gunman in hopes of speeding things along, screaming:

“Send the f**king cops! There’s a gun to my head. Help!”


In another video captured of the livestream, he told cops a “stalker” had threatened to take his life — but instead of investigating his threats, they put him in handcuffs!

Shocked by this, the creator screeched:

“Are you going to arrest a Palestinian Muslim, who’s viral? Are y’all dumb?”

As he was ushered out of the room, Fousey yelled toward the camera, “hashtag free Fousey,” in an attempt to rile up fan support.


You can see the upsetting incident (below):

This isn’t the end of the story, though…

According to the Miami PD who spoke with TMZ on Wednesday morning, cops did NOT arrest Fousey. Instead, they took him to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. Sources close to the sitch added that he has been the victim of constant harassment, threats, and swatting, saying it’s taken a toll on him.

Interestingly, another streamer was live around the same time as Fousey, and they called the cops on him, too, telling the dispatch he was armed. What on earth?!

Fans have been worried about the star’s mental health for quite some time, especially after he came under fire for saying the n-word during another livestream earlier this month while rapping to J. Cole‘s Love Yourz.

At the time, he apologized for the racial slur and told followers he was going to see a doc after his friends and family suggested he get a mental health evaluation. It’s unclear if he followed through with that.

He also recently got into trouble with Jack Doherty (whom he accused of faking his online pranks in a live-streamed altercation), the Island Boys, and Gonval, who reportedly called Fousey and verbally attacked him because he thought the 33-year-old was responsible for him getting banned from Kick, per Newsweek. So, he’s been dealing with a lot.

We just hope he is getting the help he needs! Sending love!

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