‘You’re The Closest To My Heart’

Reader Sidhartha Mishra penned a lovely poem for his mom Mira on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

It celebrates a bond a woman shares with her children, and speaks of her patience, kindness, truth and love.

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A mother’s love is like no other,
A bond that’s strong, a love that’s pure.
Her heart beats for her child’s every need,
Her arms open wide to comfort and feed.
She’s the one who kissed away our tears,
The one who chased away our fears.
She taught us how to walk and talk,
And held our hands as we learned to walk.
Her love is patient, kind and true,
Her words of wisdom guide us through.
She’s the first to celebrate our joys,
And the one who helps us through life’s ploys.
She sacrificed her time and sleep,
To make sure we were safe and deep.
She taught us the value of hard work,
And to always persevere and never shirk.
A mother’s love is a precious treasure,
A lifelong gift that we will always measure.
We are grateful for all she’s done,
And grateful to be her daughter or son.
So let us honor and cherish our mother,
For her love is like no other.
Her legacy of love will always live on,
In the hearts of her children, from dusk to dawn.

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