Wilmer Valderrama Reveals His New Baby's UNEXPECTED Name – And The Meaning Behind It!

As you likely know Wilmer Valderrama welcomed a baby girl with fiancée Amanda Pacheco back in February, and now we finally know the name! It’s…

Nakano Oceana Valderrama!

The That 70s Show alum admitted to People that the unique name caused “unbelievable debate” in their family, but it was chosen based on a special trip the couple took to Japan in the first year of their relationship.

He told the outlet:

“That was the trip where we decided we would be together, that we would really be together. Japan was a big moment for us. I was really proud of that trip because it really bonded us and gave us this security to just move forward and really plan life and really think about what we both really wanted.”

Awww! See some pics of the newborn (below)!


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Nakano is actually a common Japanese surname, meaning “central field.” As for the parents’ choice of such a unique moniker, Wilmer explained:

“Nakano became something that felt strong, felt unique, felt different. I thought what a cool, fun little conversation topic for our daughter to have as she grows older. But also, the respect and the heritage, and the tribute to one of those beautiful moments where my fiancée and I said ‘I love you’ for the first time. To commemorate that trip to Japan with our first labor of love.”


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As for her middle name, it’s a nod to Amanda’s career as a professional divemaster. Wilmer shared:

“She’s incredibly passionate about the ocean and diving and ocean life, so that was another tribute to her mom.”

What a beautiful explanation. We’re sure she’ll grow up to treasure those special meanings. Congrats again to the new parents!

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