Why Are Younger Indians Getting Heart Attacks?

Is your heart as healthy as think it is?
Could you be at risk of having a heart attack?
rediffGURU Dr Vivek Mahajan, interventional cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, explains how young Indians can correct their lifestyle in order to protect themselves from sudden and unexpected cardiac arrests.

On Friday, August 17, 2023, a 40-year-old IndiGo pilot died of ‘sudden cardiac arrest’ after collapsing near the boarding gate at Nagpur airport.

He would have operated the airline’s flight from Nagpur to Pune, airline officials said.




Earlier this month, Pepperfry Co-founder and CEO Ambareesh Murty also succumbed to cardiac arrest. He was 51.

According to rediffGURU Dr Vivek Mahajan, an interventional cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, it is not uncommon any more for young, seemingly fit individuals to suffer from cardiac problems.

But why are younger people suddenly dying of heart attacks in India?

A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating and sleeping habits are just some of the reasons why an increasing number of youngsters are reporting heart-related ailments, says Dr Mahajan.

In the video below, he explains what they are possibly doing wrong and how one in five individuals aged between 20 and 40 are at greater risk of an impending heart attack.


How can you find out if you are at risk of a heart attack?

Is your blood pressure and cholesterol under check?

What are the warning signs of a cardiac arrest?

Is it too late to go to a cardiologist?

Most importantly, what can you do to prevent a heart attack?

Do watch the video below in which Dr Vivek Mahajan shares a list of measures we all can take in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a sudden cardiac arrest:


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