Who Is One Week To Sell’s Taylor Spellman And How Much Is She Worth?

Taylor Spellman first graced our televisions when she starred in Yours Mine or Ours on Bravo, a show that focused on helping couples decide which of their two residences they would live in. But Spellman found success long before the show aired in 2016. According to her website, Taylor Spellman New York, Spellman started her own interior design firm by the time she was 23, becoming one of the most successful real estate interior architecture designers in New York City.

Spellman is known for her keen eye, exceptional design skills and attention to detail, all of which she learned from her childhood in performing arts. While at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at Fordham University, Spellman began helping real estate agents design homes on the side, eventually turning that skill into her career. This past February, Spellman returned to our screens starring in the new Discovery+ series One Week to Sell. In the show, Spellman and her team work hard to transform homes that have been sitting on the market. The catch? She only has a week, and usually a tight budget, to sell the house. But if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s Spellman. “Nobody can stretch a dollar further than me,” she tells Discovery. “I’ve always had a total love and passion for interior design. I really take the time to think about who’s going to buy the home and to identify what is wrong with the house and where it needs help.”

How much is Taylor Spellman worth?

It’s obvious that Taylor Spellman is successful. With her own design firm that she runs alongside her Chief of Staff and lifelong friend, Kate Wasserman Dickens, and her new hit TV show, she has become a household name for many. According to Celebpie, Spellman is rumored to be worth around $30 million, but the true number remains unknown.

And while Spellman is known to be tight-lipped about her personal time, we do know that she enjoys a bit more of a laidback home life — she resides in Wethersfield, Connecticut with her high school sweetheart — in contrast to the hustle of her New York City career. Her Instagram highlights her designs and the occasional selfie and dinner spread on her story. According to her website, when she isn’t working, Spellman enjoys writing and sketching in her journal with a glass of full-bodied red wine.

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