Tyson Fury on why he bargain shops at Aldi and Lidl despite £50million fortune

Millionaire boxer Tyson Fury has admitted that he shops in supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl despite his massive £50million fortune in the bank.

The Gypsy King, a dad-of-six, has admitted he sometimes gets stick for his choice of supermarkets with passers-by saying they don't expect to see him there, but he insists he does not "live like rich people."

He also insisted that he is always happy to snap up a bargain and is happy within himself, no matter how much money he has in the bank.

In a recent interview with LadBible, he said: "When I’m in Aldi and my kids are shouting, ‘he’s shopping in Aldi’ and then the people say, 'you’re shopping in Aldi or Lidl' I’m like, ‘well it’s food, isn’t it?

"Everywhere I go people say they don’t expect to see me there and it’s not like there’s a special celebrity place to go shopping. We don’t live like rich people."

The heavyweight boxer, 35, also went onto say that while he might enjoy a nice meal out at a posh restaurant, he is just as content at a Wacky Warehouse or an ‘all-you-can-eat for a fiver’ restaurant.

When chatting about his desire for a bargain, the boxer admitted that he does not like to buy items at full price as he is always on the hunt for the best deals he can find.

"I’m not gonna pay £3.50 for a pack of KitKats that’s usually on offer, no way! No matter how much money I’ve got I just won’t do it because it’s not in me to do so," he stated.

This thrifty philosophy is nothing new for The Gypsy King who has revealed in the past that no amount of money brings him happiness as it is something that is found within.

He told the BBC in 2019: "I might sound like a hypocrite here but I really don't care – there's only a certain amount you can spend in life. I have found true happiness within myself."

The boxer has opened up on his suffering with mental health issues throughout his life but has admitted he couldn't be happier with his current circumstances.

"I have really found out that happiness doesn't come from achievements or assets. It comes from within, with contentment of who you are," he added.

"I can't be happier. If I had another 10 zeros on my bank balance it couldn't make me happier. I can only wear these shoes and sleep in one bed. You can only drive one car – if it's a Rolls Royce or piece of rubbish, they all do the same thing."

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