‘Time to stop worrying!’ Stacey Solomon ‘so happy’ after health update with baby Rose

Stacey Solomon paints shed into Christmas grotto with son Rex

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Stacey Solomon, 32, has posted an Instagram update confirming the healthy weight of her baby. The former X-Factor star has confirmed that her baby is well and she can “stop worrying”. 

She was 6lbs 1ounce when she was born so we are so happy.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey took to her 4.8 million fans on Instagram to announce that Rose, her second child is at a healthy weight of 8lbs 5ounces.

The star said: “We just had our 6 week check and Rose is 8lbs 5ounces. 

“She was 6lbs 1ounce when she was born so we are so happy.” 

The Instagram post also included a short clip of Stacey’s first-born, Rex, playing with Rose.

The following clips included videos of Stacey doing a DIY project with Rex. 

It also showed the pair painting an outdoor shed, where Rex is seen happily brushing blue paint. 

Stacey said: “Me and Rex started a little project today. I’ve missed our DIY days. 

“Thank you for the best afternoon pickle.”

The star says she promised Rex that the two would do more painting together. 

The two are painting the shed in time for Christmas, with plans to turn it into a grotto. 

She added that it was nice to be “just me and Rex doing the things we love for a few hours.”

Stacey now has four children: Zachary, 13, Leighton, 9, Rex, 2, and Rose. 

The Loose Women presenter regularly posts Instagram shots of her family enjoying days out and activities together. 

One post shows the family sat together around pumpkins they’d been carving for Halloween. 

The post read: “Our Little Pumpkins Today we spent the day in the garden making pumpkin patches with our newest little pumpkin.” 

The post came not long after the birth of Rose. 

Followers were keen to express their heartfelt admiration for the couple and their children. 

Iamjamesjohnson wrote: “Beautiful I love your family xxx.”

While Mrshinchhome wrote: “Now that is what you call beautiful pumpkins xxx perfect” 

Stacey announced in March that her new home decluttering show, Sort Your Life Out, would be released later in 2021, as it had been commissioned by the BBC, with her presenting. 

Sort Your Life Out was released on November 4 2021 and airs on BBC One every Thursday at 8pm. 

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