The Mail: ‘Brand Sussex relies on Prince Harry being seen with his family’

The British media’s outright seething and contempt for Joe Biden’s warm Irish embrace is very instructive. The British media has an intertwined political and royal system, in that the same unhinged people screaming about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now focused on mocking and smearing Irish Joe Biden. Similar tantrums by the very same people, none of whom understand that Americans view their petty grievances quite differently. The billion-dollar hate industry against Meghan and Harry feeds on any kind of news or content about them. But normal people who don’t make their living on racist, jingoist and classist grievance aren’t living and dying on what the Sussexes do next. Americans are happy to let the Sussexes do their own thing in their own time, like every other celebrity. But not according to the Mail’s “Netflix source,” who sounds more like a British reporter with a grudge. This “Netflix insider” claims that everyone in Hollywood just adores King Charles, and that – within Hollywood, mind you – Harry’s decision to attend the coronation is “popular” because Harry is further attaching himself to the winning brand of monarchy. Next up, this Netflix insider will talk about how Biden’s decision to not attend the coronation is very unpopular in America, right?

Harry and Meghan’s commercial status is at a turning point in America, say Hollywood insiders – who warn that the couple’s celebrity status is starting to wilt. Prince Harry’s belated announcement that he is coming to his father’s Coronation next month was warmly welcomed in Los Angeles – not least because the Sussexes’ currency depends on him still being seen as an active member of the Royal Family.

‘Harry is going back for all the right reasons but there was a palpable sigh of relief among those of us involved in the business because Brand Sussex relies on Harry being seen with his family,’ a Netflix source said. ‘At the end of the day it is all about proximity to the King.’

Meanwhile, there is intense speculation in Hollywood about the couple’s next steps and how they will continue to generate the lucrative financial contracts required to fund their lifestyle.

A senior executive at Walt Disney Studios told The MoS: ‘What Harry and Meghan do next is the $64,000 question everyone in Hollywood is asking. They are at a turning point because they’ve done the Netflix series and Harry’s done his book. You could argue the bloom is starting to fade from the rose. What is their currency? Their main selling point is their link to the Royal Family. Harry has to be there [at the Coronation]. In America, this is all part of the narrative. Harry has to go back and he’s either embraced, which is wonderful, or he’s not – which will keep the narrative going. The story has to keep evolving because that is what builds the brand and brings the offers in.’

The executive added: ‘The danger Harry and Meghan face is becoming irrelevant. Americans care about the Royal Family. We’ve always been fascinated by the Royals. Harry is Diana’s son, nothing will ever change that. But the American public needs to see he’s still part of the family because his family and their drama is what we’re interested in.’

[From The Mail]

There’s been a real effort over the past few years to make it sound like everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with the British monarchy and everyone in Hollywood has strong opinions about the Sussexes. None of that is true. At all. While I think Meghan and Harry are well-liked by many celebrities, most people in the Hollywood machinery don’t care about the monarchy OR the Sussexes either way. The British media’s attempts to Britsplain American celebrity culture has always been hilariously off-putting and Brit-centered – they are convinced that the Windsors are the center of every universe (nope) and if the Sussexes aren’t being discussed constantly then “Hollywood hates them.” Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have enormous cachet in America simply by not being everywhere, not being seen in LA constantly, by looking like they’re two private, family-oriented people. Also: this is a really gross attempt to make it seem like Harry is desperate to be seen with his trash family, when really, his trash family keeps inventing reasons for why Harry and Meghan must visit or “come back.”

Meanwhile, remember during QEII’s funeral, how much of the American news coverage was about how the family was going out of their way to snub the Sussexes and treat them like sh-t? When Americans do pay attention to the royals, it’s with stuff like that.

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