The Importance Of GOOD SEX In A Relationship

Over the past few years, Indian society witnessed a substantial shift in its outlook on relationships and intimacy.

While traditionally these topics were tabooed and shushed, now people are becoming vocal about them and discussing it with their prospective partners.

This change can be attributed to the modernized approach among new generations.

The youth of the country understand the importance of sexual health and compatibility and thus does not shy away from discussing it with their partners, unlike their older counterparts.

Discreet dating Web site Gleeden recently conducted a survey to understand the importance of sexual health among Indian men and women.

The survey, conducted on a sample of 2,700 Indian subscribers, highlighted a steep growth in the number of people who felt that sexual health of a prospective partner is an important parameter while judging a potential relationship.

The survey, apart from underlining the growing importance of sexual health in terms of a strong relationship

Some interesting findings from the survey:

  • 82% respondents who took the survey agreed that it is critical for them to be certain of the fact that their partner is sexually healthy before entering a relationship.
  • 54% women and 46% men stated that if a prospective partner was not sexually healthy, they might drop the idea of entering a relationship with them altogether.
  • When asked if the overall health of their partner was a concern, 42% of the respondents stated that the overall health of a person significantly impacts their sexual performance and that in the absence of good sex, a relationship dwindles.
  • When asked to share their thoughts on cheating and infidelity in a relationship (due to a lack of sex), 47% women shared that they were against cheating while 43% respondents said they were uncertain and did not know if they were doing the right thing (cheating).
  • 21% respondents (which includes 90% men) said they felt a fear of insecurity while being married.
  • Meanwhile, 60% respondents (81% women and 19% men) said they were not bothered by feelings of insecurity. 

While commenting on the survey and its findings, Sybil Shiddell, country manager of Gleeden India, said, “It is clear from the survey that the people today deeply value sexual intimacy and well-being as a foundation area of a relationship, in the absence of which the entire connection may falter. People prefer healthy relationships over ones that involve cheating and insecurity.”

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