TELL US! What makes Your Mom so SPECIAL?

For many people, their mothers are living angels.

A best friend and confidante, moms are the strongest people we know and no matter how old one gets, they will always be their mummy’s baby.

Every mother has influenced their children in some way and left an imprint in their lives, one that will never fade away.

Mothers are the most beautiful, strong and kind people we’ve ever known and there’s no denying that they have a heart of pure gold.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9, we ask you, Dear Readers to tell us why your mother is so special.

She could be your hero, your inspiration or your first love.

Tell us: Is she your role model? The one who has helped you grow into the person you’re today?

Does she make you a really confident person and support your decisions?

Or is she your pillar of strength, someone you can lean on when the times are tough?

Was she the one who taught you to be forgiving and generous? Or did she teach you to be hardworking, patient and strong?

Write to us at [email protected] (subject line: ‘My Mother’) and tell us why your mom is so special along with your NAME, MOTHER’S NAME, and where you LIVE.

Don’t forget to attach photograph(s) of your mom and you. We’ll be posting the best entries right here on

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