Sunny’s Bombshell Style Streak

Any kind of outfit should be highly honoured to have Sunny Leone as its wearer.

Is there a getup that doesn’t look good on our comely star with a knack for beautiful dressing?

Her life is as rangeen as her fashion.

She’s worked in a bakery and an automotive oil store, was studying to become a nurse, was named Penthouse Pet of the Month and Hustler Honey, posed for PETA, starred in porn films and then Bollywood films, became a short story writer, graced the Bigg Boss house, hosts MTV Splitsvilla, was India’s most Googled celeb and then got the role many a woman would die for — she danced to Laila Main Laila with Shah Rukh Khan in Raees.

The S. Leone brand of sexy glamour is in a league of its own. It doesn’t matter what she puts on, party gladrags or low-key heading-to-the-supermarket stuff or a kitchen apron, she never fails to chamko.







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