Steve-O Celebrates 13 Years Of Sobriety!

Steve-O has come a long way.

The Jackass star made a career out of outrageous and dangerous behavior, but his personal life is a lot more tame than it used to be. On Wednesday, the 46-year-old shared a before-and-after Instagram to mark the incredible accomplishment of 13 years of sobriety.

The stuntman celebrated the occasion with a side-by-side pic that showed just how far he’s come. On the left, the photo showed a young Steve-O back in 2006 surrounded by nitrous oxide canisters. On the right, an older (but healthier looking!) Steve-O struck the same pose surrounded by veggies and green juice.

He captioned the post:

“So grateful to be celebrating thirteen years of sobriety today… thanks to everyone who helped me make it this far and, as always, thanks to @johnnyknoxville for giving me the loving nudge that started my journey! (today’s photo styled and shot by @luxalot)”

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It’s not the first time he’s returned to this particular throwback — he also shared it celebrating his 10 year anniversary (below):

Back in 2019, the television personality reflected on his days as a drug user, and revealed the laundry list of substances in which he would partake. During an appearance on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, he explained:

“My favorites were Ketamine, cocaine, nitrous oxide, PCP, of course marijuana, alcohol. Oh, I loved Xanax so much, and Valium. Never got too into meth, but I never turned it down. Had some pretty terrible experiences on magic mushrooms. Had a lot of great experiences on LSD. Like, random, weird stuff. I huffed video head cleaner. There was this weird episode where I was drinking aluminum cleaner… and that would bring about some pretty disturbing incidents.”

Phew. We’re really glad he’s still with us after living that hard!

Here in 2021, Johnny Knoxville expressed his continued support, commenting on the IG:

“Love this. Love u too Steve O. Proud of u. Congrats!

Steve-O’s sobriety celebration comes on the heels of another member of the Jackass crew struggling with their own addiction. Bam Margera was recently fired from the upcoming Jackass 4 movie after experiencing a relapse. According to sources on the film, Bam was unable to meet the necessary conditions (drug tests, urine samples, committing to staying sober, blowing into a breathalyzer, taking his medication, and seeing a psychologist while on the job) to be part of the production, but the team was still looking for ways to help their friend.

Based on Steve-O’s success story, the support of the Jackass crew clearly goes a long way. We hope Bam gets a similar happy ending. In the meantime, congratulations to Steve-O on this major milestone!

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