Special talent Kate hopes George, Charlotte and Louis pick up from William rather than her

The Princess of Wales has expertly navigated life as a member of the Royal Family and has found many worthwhile causes to support – from children's mental health to early years development. While this is the case, there is one crucial part of Royal life that she has previously admitted to struggling with.

Members of the Royal Family need a strong work ethic and the ability to listen to people from all different walks of life. The King and members of his family find themselves at events with people from around the world which means they are constantly surrounded by different languages.

As a result, many working Royals do their best to bridge the divide and have learnt to hold a conversation in other languages.

Kate has been open about her struggle to speak another language over the years and has even expressed her hopes that her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, do not follow in her footsteps. Thankfully, it would appear that she doesn't have to worry as it is clear the three young Royals are taking after their father.

During a visit to Leicester the Princess met an Italian well-wisher and proceeded to chat to her about her day. Kate said: "It's very nice to meet you. Shall we say… ciao?" There was a long pause before she remembered the correct word, which proved her next point.

She continued: "I have to practise my languages, they are so bad. My language is so bad, I have to make sure my children are better than me."

The Princess of Wales certainly doesn't have anything to worry about as her three children are already said to be skilled at speaking Spanish thanks to their nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Maria heralds from the city of Palencia in Spain and received her training at the prestigious Norland College in Bath before she started working for the family in 2014.

It was reported that she was teaching the young children Spanish, with Kate proudly telling well-wishers at a farm visit in 2017 that Prince George (then three) could already count to ten in the language.

While Kate struggles with languages, Prince William certainly does not as he is said to be able to hold a conversation in French, German, Gaelic, Spanish and can even converse in Swahili – having reportedly taught himself the language during his time at university.

But Prince William and his three children aren’t the only royals with some enviable language abilities. The late Queen was very skilled at French, having learnt it at a young age, whereas her beloved husband Prince Philip was fluent in German as he went to primary school in Baden-Württemberg.

Other Royals who are able to speak different languages include The King and The Princess Royal. King Charles and Princess Anne are both talented French and German speakers but the monarch is also reportedly able to add Welsh and Arabic to his arsenal.

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