Shawn Kemp Charged W/ Assault For Firing Gun In Parking Lot Altercation

shawn kemp

Shawn Kemp has been charged with first-degree assault … a charge stemming from that March parking lot altercation where the NBA legend was seen shooting a gun.

The case had been in limbo until this week. Authorities in Washington initially arrested the SuperSonics legend, before deciding they needed more time to investigate. All the while 53-year-old Kemp claimed he acted in self-defense, saying his actions were “reasonable and legally justified.”

Unfortunately for Shawn, that’s not the way prosecutors ultimately saw it, and they’ve now hit him with a first-degree assault charge. If convicted, the charge can carry a life sentence.

We broke the story last month, Kemp — wearing a red vest — approached a vehicle and pointed his gun, appearing to yell something before firing at least one shot outside a Tacoma, Washington shopping mall around 2:00 PM on March 8.

Kemp claimed he was simply trying to locate his phone, which was previously stolen, when things took a violent turn, and he was forced to defend himself.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

At the time of the confrontation, witnesses told us they heard multiple gunshots before pulling their phones out to record the incident, suggesting SK wasn’t the only person shooting.

Moments later, the video also seemingly captured Shawn dumping his firearm in a bush.

Witness footage also showed police locating the weapon minutes later.

Now, barring a plea, Kemp’s going to have to fight for his freedom in front of a judge … and fight is exactly what his attorney says he’s going to do, saying he’ll plead not guilty to the charge.

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