'SAS: Red Notice' stars Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose talk veteran appreciation after playing military roles

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Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, and the rest of the “SAS: Red Notice” cast aren’t strangers to dangerous stunts and high-stakes drama.

In the action-thriller, based on the book by real-life Special Air Service operator Andy McNab, the two actors play characters with completely different objectives. However, each underwent military and stunt training for the film. 

Heughan and Rose reflected on how playing characters who serve deeply inspired them. 

Rose told Fox News she thinks about veterans often as her great-grandfather, Alec Campbell, was the last surviving Australian Battle of Gallipoli soldier. He died at 103. 

“He was a huge part of the military and I’ve always had the utmost respect [for servicemen and women],” she said. “I played someone that’s been ex-military before but not probably at this level. I’ve met with the military and what they do for this country and risking their lives for their countries is obviously the ultimate dedication. So I have the utmost respect.”

Ruby Rose plays Grace Lewis, a mercenary, who seizes control of a passenger train heading to Paris from London. 
(Vertigo Films/Lionsgate)

Heughan echoed her respect, “I mean, first of all, you know, I’m an actor. We just pretend but these people actually do it,” he told Fox News. 

They also praised author McNab for his openness about serving in the SAS and precision in making sure every detail was legitimate. 

“His stories are unbelievable,” Rose said. “But they are also terrifying in that people are out there doing [this] or have done [this] for our country. Freedom is spectacular and really worth being respectful towards.” 

Sam Heughan plays a SAS operator who thwarts the mercenary’s plan. 
(Vertigo Films/Lionsgate)

Heughan called McNab’s advice “extensive” and said he thought McNab’s world was “so fascinating.”

“He’s very, very open [about his service] and discussed it at all times. Any questions I had, he would be real about what has happened to him. I was just really honored and lucky to have him there,” the “Outlander” star added. 


When it came to stunts on set, co-star Tom Hopper “100 percent” believes that stuntmen and women should more widely be recognized by the filmmaking industry and awards circuit. 

“We had conversations on set saying how is there not an award for best stunt or something? Because these guys are actors,” he told Fox News.

Tom Hopper as SAS operator Declan. 
(Vertigo Films/Lionsgate)

“I think more and more actors are trying to do their own stunts but there are certain things that the studio just won’t allow you to do because if it goes wrong, the movie is done. So that’s why they have these [stunt professionals] who are breaking their bodies to do this,” Hopper described. “One of my stunt guys on ‘Umbrella Academy I’… thought he had broken his neck once.”


Hopper added how stuntmen and women make shots “incredible” and “there’s no recognition for that. I think absolutely there’s a gap there in the awards world where people need to be recognized.”

“SAS: Red Notice” is currently available on-demand. 

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