Rod Stewart visits hospital after paying for patients’ MRI scans

Rod Stewart has donated funds to pay for medical scans to help patients on long waiting lists

Rod Stewart was horrified to recently discover a private medical scanning clinic that was “almost empt while waiting lists for NHS scans continued to soar in length – and it gave him the impetus to help those in need himself. 

Rod Stewart, 78, had raged that it is “ridiculous” when ill patients face long waiting times to access diagnostic scans and treatment.

In a bid to change that, he offered to personally pay for “10 or 20 scans”, exclaiming: “People are dying because they can’t get [one].”

Rod has been a devoted Tory supporter for the majority of his voting life, but now – after seeing lives destroyed by lack of medical assistance – he believes the government should step down.

“Give the Labour Party a go [instead], this is heartbreaking,” he stated on a Sky News phone-in last month.

“In all my years in this country I’ve never seen it so bad… change the bl***y government!”

Rocker Rod Stewart has posed for selfies with those who he has helped

On Friday, photos were unveiled demonstrating Rod Stewart sharing a snap with grateful Omarie Ryan, who had his MRI scan funded after developing painful problems with his left knee.

Rod Stewart also took time to boost the morale of the nurses

After arriving at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex earlier today, Rod Stewart posed with three medical staff, who were all smiles after the generous donation he made.

Catching health concerns quickly means a lot to Rod Stewart for personal reasons

Rod Stewart revealed that he fought a secret three year battle with prostate cancer, starting in 2016, and that his condition only cleared because he had caught it early, For that reason, he was anxious to have the system overhauled so that other lives can be saved. Years earlier, he contracted thyroid cancer, but was fortunately cleared of that too.

Rod Stewart was overwhelmed by the plights of patients

One patient during the Sky News phone-in had told the world she was “losing the will to live” after waiting three years for an appointment to gain help – and Rod Stewart was devastated by how difficult it was, particularly following the backlog created by Covid.

Rod Stewart said the NHS crisis was the worst he’d ever seen it

Rod Stewart had a message for those taking strike action, too: “I’m on your side.” He lamented that the current situation was spiralling out of control and hoped his donation could help to fast-track some patients’ treatment. 

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