Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Californication’ Surpasses 1 Billion Views On YouTube

Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of America’s best-selling rock bands’ music video for “Californication” has hit a milestone of one billion views on YouTube.

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, “Californication” features shirtless bandmates Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and John Frusciante. The lyrics of the 5-minute 21-second video start with “Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elation.”

The music video ends with a catastrophic Earthquake in California, with all the bandmembers meeting at the center of the Earth.

The video was released as a single in 2002 and uploaded to YouTube in 2009. It ranked No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and No. 16 on the U.K. charts.

The average daily viewership of the video continues to be 290,000 in 2022.

(Photo: Clara Balzary)

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