Queen Elizabeth is being ‘monitored’ for Covid-exposure, but has she been tested?

The best anyone can determine, Prince Charles tested positive for Covid on Thursday morning, and he had to announce it immediately because he was due at an event in Winchester, and he canceled his appearance at the last minute so he could isolate at home. That obviously led to some questions about if and when Chaz was feeling symptomatic, and when he was actually contagious. He was, to my eyes, clearly unwell on Wednesday night, when he attended the British Asian Trust event, and if I was one of the dozens of British Indian peeps who got breathed on by Charles on Wednesday, I would be isolating and getting tested. But Charles reportedly also had a face-to-face meeting with Queen Elizabeth this week. And while the palace will confirm that the Queen is being “monitored,” they refuse to say whether she’s been tested, nevermind revealing the results of the test.

Buckingham Palace is facing an anxious wait with fears that the Queen could find out today if she has Covid. The Queen is being ‘closely monitored’ by doctors, three days after she last met with Prince Charles, who has since tested positive for the virus.

Buckingham Palace last night refused to confirm whether the 95-year-old monarch had tested positive or negative for Covid, fuelling fears for her health. Palace sources insisted that she was not displaying symptoms, however these usually show a few days after close contact with a Covid positive person- and usually first on tests.

Current government guidelines say you have to isolate for five days after contact with a Covid positive person, with symptoms typically appearing three to five days after contact. However, the Queen is understood to be triple vaccinated so will not need to self-isolate unless she tests positive. The head of state is thought to have received her first jab in January 2021 and her second jab that March, while sources say it is believed she got her booster in October.

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On Thursday, palace sources were blanketing the media to say that the Queen “is not showing any symptoms,” and yet NO ONE would even say that the Queen took a Covid test. It’s not ideal. It calls to mind the moment last October, when the Palace didn’t inform anyone until more than 24 hours later that the Queen had been hospitalized overnight. This isn’t a medical privacy issue, it’s a “head of state” issue. The head of state has a duty to do full disclosure on this kind of thing. I don’t believe Buckingham Palace has done any kind of disclosure on what’s actually going on with the Queen’s health for a while though.

Meanwhile, it’s been a bad week for royals getting Covid. Spain’s King Felipe also tested positive for Covid on Wednesday, as did Denmark’s Queen Margrethe. Queen Margrethe is 81, Felipe is 54. Both have been fully vaccinated and boostered. In Felipe’s case, he released information that his wife and daughters were tested and came back negative AND that the whole family is being monitored. Full disclosure!!

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