Peter Andre reacts as daughter opens GCSE results live on Instagram

Peter Andre reveals he’s hosting GB News breakfast show

Princess Andre has revealed she “didn’t pass all” of her GCSE’s as she opened her results live on Instagram.

The 16-year-old collected her results on Thursday and shared she would have to resit maths after scoring a mark of 3.

She also received a 3 in business and drama, a 5 in English, a 6 in Fashion and a 4 in Music, as the marks are graded out of nine.

Princess said: “So basically, the way it works, a four is a pass and then below a 4 is a fail and a 9 is the highest you can get. I got a 3 in Business, a 3 in drama, a 5 in English, 6 in Fashion, 4 in Music and a 3 in Geography and Maths.

“It’s not bad, I’m annoyed at Maths because I have to re-take it.”

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Her dad could be overheard saying: “Yeah but you got close, you got really close”, as she added: “Yeah, I was nine marks off getting a 4”.

Peter went on: “I saw you working hard, that’s more important, you worked hard”.

“I need to re-sit my maths, I hate maths, maths is like I never get maths,” Princess remarked.

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